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PAPT NO. Module(s) Video Input Video Output Input Resolution Data Rate Range Audio Data Interface
FlyLink AP Mode RAK553(TX)* CVBS WiFi D1/30 2Mbps 150M N UART
FlyLink AV RAK553(TX)+RAK554(RX) CVBS WiFi D1/30 2Mbps 600M N UART
FlyLink HD RAK566(TX)+RAK554(RX) HDMI WiFi 1080P/60 8Mbps 600M Y UART
FlyLink HD AP RAK566(TX)* HDMI WiFi 1080P/60 8Mbps 150M Y UART
FlyLink HD Plus RAK566(TX)+RAK567(RX) HDMI HDMI 1080P/60 8Mbps 600M Y UART
FlyLink Pro RAK5675(TX)+RAK5675(RX) HDMI HDMI 1080P/60 50Mbps 200m Y —-

*TX works in SoftAP mode . Other cases, TX works in client mode and RX works in SoftAP mode.

- Quick use Flylink

  1. Quick use Flylink AV
  2. Quick use Flylink HD
  3. Quick use Flylink HD PLUS
  4. Quick use Flylink PRO

- Android APP


  1. Search in APPLE STORE with camsight sport and install.

- Document Center


- Support Center


- Website

- APP SDK Source code(rakvideo)

- User Toturial

If you want more information, please visit

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