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1.Product introduction

CREATOR is a programmable platform for developing all kind of IoT applications. CREATOR is equiped with various peripheral interfaces, including Wifi, GPIO, I2C, UART, PWM, ADC. Through these interfaces, CREATOR can connect with electronic components such as LED, switches, manometer, hygrometer, PM2.5 dust sensors etc.
The collected data can be uploaded via WiFi, and be utilized by applications on smart devices to realize IoT implementation.
CREATOR and Arduino Uno have similar size, and the pins on CREATOR are compatible with Arduino Uno. CREATOR uses Micro USB to supply power, which is common in many smart devices.
Currently, CREATOR currently supports Windows XP/7/8 32 and 64 bits and MAC OS operating systems. In this example, please use Arduino IDE with version 1.6.7 or later.

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