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1 WisCam Overview

RAK WisCam is the Modular Based Evaluation Kit to help the developer to design Wi-Fi video product with Linux OS. WisCam can transmit video through Wi-Fi to APPs. This document mainly describes the hardware structure of WisCam and how to use WisCam’s basic function. For example, play video in the mobile app or Windows program.

2 WisCam Feature

◆	High-CPU
N32905R3DN is built on the ARM926EJ- 32-bit RISC CPU core. The frequency can be 
up to 200MHz@1.8V.
◆	Wi-Fi Access
WisCam uses RTL8189FTV Wi-Fi chipset and it supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol,
2.4GHz Band, 1T1R antenna and 
SDIO interface. High-speed wireless connection can be up to 150 Mbps.
◆	Easy To Use
Once you power on WisCam, you can play the video in mobile apps or Windows program.
◆	Open All Source Code
All software source code is available on Github and you can download it.

◆	Arduino compatible
RAK WisCam fully compatible with Arduino UNO development board in hardware so 
it can extend your application with 
Arduino UNO.
◆	P2P Cloud Server
WisCam also has integrated the P2P cloud server(Nabto P2P) to make playing the 
video anywhere when you access the internet . The mobile APP(Android and IOS) 
can play the video and interact bidirectional audio between WisCam and APPs.
◆	Video Recording
WisCam can record up to 640x480@30FPS RGB MJPEG video.
◆	UART for development
WisCam provides UART interface to communicate with Host MCU or Arduino board.
This allows you to focus on your application development. 
◆	Mobile APPs
WisCam provides the source code of mobile app to discover the device and play 
video. Source code is available on github


or website 


◆	Rich Peripherals
WisCam provides a 10-bit ADC, a MIC-phone, a UART, a speaker and a dozen of 
GPIOs(the number will change with different Sub-Board).
◆	Multi- Accessories
WisCam also provide accessories to make your application more amusing and 
easier to use. Sub-Camera and Sub-SD&USB are the critical parts in your 
application. Sub-Camera is using for collecting the image sensors and play 
in APPs via Wi-Fi. Sub-SD&USB is using for USB storage or UVC function and 
more accessories will be available in the near future.

3 Specifications

Items Parameters
CPU Nuvoton N32905R3DN, ARM926EJ-32bit CPU, 200MHz, H/W Encoder
Memory External 128Mbit Flash, Internal 16Mbitx16 DDRII
Wi-Fi RTL8189FTV, 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz Band, 1T1R, SDIO, 150 Mbps
Image format JPEG, 16 bits/pixel – RGB565, 32bits/pixel – ARGB8888
Camera GC0308, VGA CMOS
Video QVGA(320*240) 30FPS, VGA(640*480) 30FPS, MJPEG
Lens 648×488 pixel, Angle 102°
Audio 16-bit stereo DAC
I/O PWM, I2C, GPIO, ADC, UART, I2S, USB2.0 HS (High-Speed)
Power DC 5V±0.2V, Micro USB
Storage micro-SD, 8-bit data bus
Dimensions 55.61mm*55.88mm
Etc. Support Nabto P2P Cloud

PIN Default Config
HUR_TXD/PWM1/GPD[1] UART Transparent TXD with 3.3V level
HUR_RXD/PWM2/GPD[2] UART Transparent RXD with 3.3V level
IOH1 Speaker Enable PIN,High_Level : Disable(Default),Low_Level : Enable
BOOT/GPA7 Run into Recovery Mode or Normal Mode,Normal Mode: Set High_Level(Default) when power on,Recovery Mode: Set Low_Level when power on, Burn firmware.
URTXD/ GPA10 Debug UART TXD with 3.3V level
URRXD/ GPA11 Debug UART RXD with 3.3V level
5V Power Supply input, DC5V. And another 5V PIN can output,5V Power at the same time. If use micro-USB as a power source,the two 5V PIN are work as output power source.
3.3V Output Power source, DC3.3V.
VIN Reserved

4 Compile and Upgrade

4.1 Working Mode

WisCam has 2 modes as following.
1) UVC(USB Camera)
The UVC mode is activated when the WisCam board is connected to the PC via a USB cable. You can see the video with UVC capture utility.
2) Wi-Fi Camera: Power supply from the Arduino board.
WisCam board has Arduino pin header form factor so connect it to the Arduino board and supply the power to the Arduino board. Then the Wi-Fi AP works and you can connect it with your mobile phone and see the video streaming via Wi-Fi.

4.2 Compile Source Code

1 Download source code: 


 git clone 

2 cd WisCam
3 sudo chmod -R 755 ./
4 ./scripts/

4.3 Burn Firmware

1) After Compile, Copy output/autowriter_gc0308 to your windows PC. Or Download the factory firmware from github:

2) Connect BOOT PIN to GND.
3) Connect Wiscam to Windows PC with Micro-USB Cable. Then Wiscam’s power is turned on and operate in Recovery(Boot) mode.
4) Execute AutoWriter.exe in folder autowriter_gc0308 and the select Current Target as SPI then WisCam will burn firmware automatically. If the Status is “Burn Success…….”, the burning is completed.

5 Play Video

WisCam support RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) video and audio stream and it have Nabto P2P cloud server, Telnet and UART transparent transmission. Connect the WisCam board to the Arduino board and supply the power to the Arduino board. Then the red LED is turned on .After 5 seconds, blue LED is blinking. After 30 seconds, you can connect the SoftAP with your mobile phone.

Default Configuration: Power on as SoftAP; Default SSID: WisCam+MAC address, For example: WisCam-3a-1d-d9-7b-3a-15 Default Password:12345678 Default Gateway IP: Default Subnet Mask: Video Encode Format: MJPEG.

5.1 Local Video in WiFi Mode

  • 1.Smartphone APPs

1 Install app:
iOS: you can download IOS App at the App Store “WisCam”

2 Connect the WisCam default SSID (Password is 12345678) and open the WisCam app.

3 Then click play icon to scan and play the video.

  • 2.Windows PC

WisCam WisCam WisCam WisCam

5.2 Remote video in WiFi Mode

  • 1.Nabto Overview

Nabto platform provides direct real-time connectivity with no firewall or dynamic IP hassle and control the embedded devices directly from HTML-in real-time or stream data directly to and from device.Now nabto start by default with no password, so you can change nabto id and password through “nabto” command.

You can get the nabto ID with http command.Please use your PC or smartphone to connect the wiscam’s Soft-AP , then open the broswer to input the link (command) to get the current module’s Nabto ID :

Then add the id(lx520…) in the picture is just for test,you can change it though http command( &Nabto_key= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or change /mnt/nand1-2/etc/nabtonat_config in your terminal(For more information, refer to the Program Guide)

Exactly id:
	Nabto_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note: If you need new Nabto ID to test , please contact this email to get new ID.

  • 2.Download APP

If need to test the remote function ,you have to download a new APP for testing .
Android: RAKVideo IOS: RAKVideo

  • 3.Add Remote Device

Input the nabto ID to Add remote device. And then select software decode(surfaceview),MJPEG Format and default password admin.then you will play the video in APPs.(the following picture is from android APP). WisCam WisCam WisCam WisCam

6 Burn Firmware

If you want to modify the configuration of this module, or if you want to develop this module, we provide all the source code for the module.

The module's open source code see github :
To view the module's IOS phone APP source code see github :
To view the module's Android phone APP source code see github :

Here to tell you how to amend the program after the firmware download to the module?

7.Data download

Use manual

PCB File

8.Where to Buy

If you want to buy our products, please go to our store: RAK Store

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