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1.Product introduction

RAK WIS-PLC is a new type of data transmission based on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing modulation technology。Maximum transmission rate of power lines can reach 200Mbps, Standard Ethernet port,Twisted pair interface.

Support AES 128-bit encryption,Occupied 2-30MHz band communication,No impact on existing CATV signals or cable broadcasting。No user configuration, after the completion of the line can be put into work。Accelerate the time to market and product features flexibility. WisPLC


Media (supports multiple media)

  • Power line mode to complete the last 300 m IP access
  • Twisted pair mode to complete the last 600 m IP access


  • Transmission rate up to 200Mbps
  • Smooth transmission of IPTV, HDTV and other audio and video signal


  • Support AES 128bit encryption,Ensure network communication security
  • Occupied 2-30MHz band communication,No impact on existing CATV signals or cable broadcasting
  • Follow IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV standard, Can take up to 4 modules。If communication with RAK WIS-PLC, 1 RAK WIS-PLC supports up to 63 RAK WIS-PLC networking


  • No user configuration, wiring can be completed
  • Special management configuration software,Convenient division network,Convenient networking
  • Modular design,Easy integration into customer products,Accelerated listing cycle

Application Area

  • Intelligent instrument
  • Smart home
  • Energy management system
  • Medical system
  • Automotive electronics charging pile
  • Industry

3.Quick use demo

3.1 Use Tool

Need tools:1.Computer 2 PCS、2.NetPerSec tool、3.iperf tool、4.12V DC The power adapter 2 PCS、5.Cable 2 root、6.Power line or twisted pair.

3.2 Networked test

Using power lines will be 2 PCS RAK WIS-PLC Module in the direction of the connection,Connect the module to the computer,Connect 12V power supply(THE 12V IS THE BASEBOARD SUPPLY VOLTAGE),At this time the blue light (cable connection) and red light (power indicator) light up.At this point the computer can connect to the network.(THE MODULE SUPPORTS 220V VOLTAGE) WisPLC

3.3 Speed test

1.Connect the module to the computer, such as 3.2.Install iperf program on the computer,then Open operation、input cmd、Enter、input cd、Space、input iperf Program path、Space、input iperf -s -w -64k -i 10 server、Space;Set the IP address of the network connected to the module to WisPLC

2.Use another computer,Open operation、input cmd、Space、input cd、Space、input iperfProgram path、Space、input iperf -c -w -64k -P 10 -i 10 -t99999999、Space. WisPLC

3.Connection success as shown below
Sending end

Receiving end

4.Open NetPerSec.exe tool,Can view the transmission rate in real time,The average transmission rate can be achieved 92Mbits/S WisPLC

4.Data download

Use manual

Hardware encapsulation

5.Where to Buy

If you want to buy our products, please go to our store: RAK Store

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